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Custom Soft Goods

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Many of our client’s products are the result of significant investments in both finances and working hours. Due to quality designing and manufacturing, many of those products can have their life cycles increased simply by protecting them from the elements or protecting them when they are not in use. Aerospace Fabrication & Materials can offer that protection in the form of our custom environmental covers. The unique product design of our environmental covers can accommodate any requirements you may have, from providing passive thermal control, impact resistance, or protection from the elements. All of our covers can be designed concurrently if required, and can also benefit from any of the other services we offer.

Using our capabilities of sewing, taping, and sealing, we offer custom fabrication of inflatables various fabric displays for a variety of uses to meet our clients’ product design needs.

Thanks to our flexible workrooms and our ability to cut any shape from our CNC cutting machines, we have been able to create custom fit, quality products for a variety of markets from military and aerospace to commercial.

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