We focus on providing unique thermal control systems for our clients through our core capabilities. We look forward to listening to your needs, evaluating your project, and innovating a solution to exceed your expectations.  To that end, our team employs cutting edge tools and production capabilities to engineer and manufacture anything our clients could possibly need.

Engineering & CAD

Our engineering team utilizes a variety of 2D and 3D CAD tools and analysis software to accommodate requirements and produce detailed layouts and plans that meet our client’s specific needs. Our approach is to understand the project needs and exceed expectations.

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CNC Cutting

In order to minimize cutting waste and cut materials to tight tolerances, we utilize Computer Numerical Control or CNC cutting equipment. The use of this equipment makes us very efficient with material utilization whether we are building a unique one-off product or a production run of parts that demands consistent and repeatable finished goods.

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Without expert fabricators, even the best designs and plans would never see the light of day, or in our case, the darkness and vacuum of space. Our team of thermal artisans fashion soft goods for extreme environments that you can count on every time.

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Our thermal control products are used in extreme environments where the cleanliness of the parts must be maintained. Our facility is made up of multiple clean rooms. Each room can be environmentally tailored to the client’s specific program requirements and segregated to make manufacturing more efficient and secure.

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