Precision Cleaning

Aerospace Fabrication provides precision cleaning of thin films and other optical surfaces. We use a process of CO2 snow cleaning to remove contaminants from surfaces. Accelerated CO2 snow cleaning is a dry and solvent-free process which uses high velocity CO2 solid and gas that impinges onto the surface to be cleaned. Insoluble particles are removed from the surface using this focused high-velocity stream. The flow exerts an aerodynamic force on the adhered particles exceeding the adhesive force causing them to be swept away with the gas flow. Organic compounds are also dissolved and removed.

  • CO2 snow cleaning is non-abrasive and leaves no working fluid residue
  • Cleaning process removes large and small particulate contamination
  • Cleaning process removes a variety of organic compounds including oily films, grease fingerprints, and flux residues
  • Useful for thin film surface cleaning and sensitive optical surfaces

Interested in learning more about our precision cleaning services and capabilities? Contact one of our technical staff to learn more.

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