Aerospace Services

Aerospace Fabrication provides several complimentary services in support of passive thermal control products.  These services are available in addition to the delivery of completed products or can be contracted as stand alone items.

Field Services

We are your multilayer insulation and related passive thermal control on-site installation specialists.  If you are not sure how to install one of our thermal insulation products without compromising the system integrity let us know and we will provide our experts to guarantee the proper fit to your hardware.

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Precision Cleaning

Remove organic and inorganic particulate contamination from your delicate surfaces with our CO2 snow cleaning service. As this method is non-abrasive, it can be utilized to clean highly sensitive surfaces used in aerospace applications and many other industries.

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Cryogenic Testing

We do not just manufacture insulation systems; we test them too. Determine the practical heat flux of your material samples with steady-state boiloff calorimetry testing from Aerospace Fabrication. We test specimens using a Cryostat-200 built by NASA’s Cryogenic Test Laboratory.

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Vacuum Bakeout

AFM has established an in-house outgassing capability to certify materials to your specifications or industry requirements. This service allows us to prebake a variety of thermal control product constituents before they are assembled to be sure that all materials going into a part are as clean as possible.

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