Aerospace Fabrication & Materials abilities in sewing, taping, and sealing are unmatched in the space and cryogenic industries. Our team of fabricators come from a wide background of industrial softgood artisans.

Our wide range of fabrication experience and broad base of fabrication ability allows us to offer you a solution to all your manufacturing needs. We draw on our depth of experience with thin film products and custom laminates to work closely with our clients to develop innovative insulation solutions using premier production methods and processes. Our workforce painstakingly fabricate products that strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • Our fabricators have an average of 10 years of passive thermal control manufacturing experience.
  • We will provide you with input on material selection and fabrication techniques as well as create custom molds and mockups to serve as platforms for lay flat templating and fabrication.
  • We manufacture and supply a variety of EVA hardware and MLI subassemblies for space applications.
  • We assemble MLI lay-ups or blanket kits, certified for space use, to meet your individual needs.
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fabrication process
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