Multilayer insulation blankets must perform in extreme environments. Because these products are an integral component in your application, they are manufactured with the utmost care by our team. Therefore, we take the integrity of our MLI blankets and thermal control products seriously. Our team follows stringent guidelines to care for all the materials going into a product. Procedures are in place to maintain cleanliness throughout the manufacturing process. In addition to our cleaning procedures, we operate multiple clean rooms for manufacturing. AFM offers over 4,000 sq ft of multiple, independently controlled, clean rooms so we can meet every client’s needs and cleanliness tolerances.

  • We operate 5 independently controlled clean spaces
  • The largest cleanroom space encompasses 1,200 sq ft
  • These cleanrooms are setup to operate at ISO Class 7 (Fed-Std 209 Class 10,000)
  • Multiple cleanrooms mean we can produce multiple projects at the same time for maximum efficiency
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