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MMOD Shields

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MMOD or Micrometeoroid Orbital Debris Shields are specialized hybrid blankets for the aerospace industry. Their primary function is to cover and protect vulnerable surfaces from high velocity particles while a product or craft is in space.

MMOD shields have been used to protect spacecraft from the devastating effects of direct debris penetration. Our hybrid MMOD shields are reinforced, armor-like MLI coverings that can provide both passive thermal control and debris protection while in space. MMOD shields are also custom designed and made in a similar fashion to our MLI blankets, but with more robust materials such as; Beta Cloth, Kevlar®, or Nextel® fabrics. These materials are able to hinder and diffuse small particle penetration before making contact with the surface of your craft or satellite. With more and more debris accumulating in space, debris shields are critical to ensure your craft stays operational while in orbit.

The engineers and manufacturers at AFM have been designing and producing MMOD Shields in the form of highly specialized blankets and bumpers for many years.

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