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Aerospace Fabrication & Materials, LLC (AFM) leads the industry in the design, manufacture, and installation of Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI) Blankets and associated passive thermal control products for the most extreme aerospace and cryogenic environments.

What we do

Aerospace Fabrication creates softgood solutions to meet the demanding requirements of extreme environments. Our products protect vital instruments in the harsh vacuum of space, the ultra cold environments of cryogenic storage, and the extreme heat of rocket engines and thrusters. Each product is tailored to your specific requirements. Our team of engineers will assist you in developing a solution which we deliver to you. We listen to your needs. We evaluate the requirements to develop a balanced approach. We innovate a solution that uniquely matches the product to the intended conditions.

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Our products are out of this world. From shields that protect your spacecraft from external sources of light and heat to multilayer insulation built for cryogenic environments, our products don’t just handle the extreme, they thrive in it. Learn more about our products below to get started:

Engineered for the Extreme

We Listen to your needs.  We Evaluate the conditions in which your components must survive.  We Innovate a unique solution for mission success.




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About Us

We create light weight passive thermal control solutions for aerospace and cryogenic applications. With an average of over 25 years of experience in developing MLI systems, our team is uniquely poised to assist you in fulfilling your thermal control needs. We have a wide array of services we provide that can be matched to your project requirements; large to small, engineering intensive to build to print. We work to create win-win partnerships with our clients. Let us engineer a solution for your extreme environment.

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Aerospace Fabrication provides several complimentary services in support of passive thermal control products.  These services are available in addition to the delivery of completed products or can be contracted as stand alone items.

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Aerospace Fabrication & Materials abilities in sewing, taping, and sealing are unmatched in the space and cryogenic industries. We work closely with our material suppliers to develop new and more robust materials to meet ever evolving product environmental requirements. Concurrently, we work to improve fabrication techniques and attachment methodologies. Our fabricators work hand-in-hand with our engineering team to train and improve.

Whether your need is build-to-print or custom design, we have a wide array of Engineering Services that can be matched to your products needs.  We draw on our depth of experience with thin film products and custom laminates to work with you on your Multi-Layer Insulation design. We can provide you with input on material selection and fabrication techniques as well as create custom molds and mockups to serve as platforms for lay flat templating and fabrication. We work closely with our clients to develop innovative insulation solutions using premier production methods and processes. With an eye on creating a quality product we painstakingly fabricate our products and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

As part of our custom service capabilities, Aerospace Fabrication is able to provide complete drawing and data packages. MLI blankets can be templated, fabricated, and installed using our internal documentation. We manufacture and supply a variety of EVA hardware and MLI subassemblies for space applications. We assemble MLI lay-ups or blanket kits, certified for space use, to meet your individual needs. For more details on these materials and others, consult our Specialty Materials page including PolaWrap, SpaceWrap and SpaceWrap Super 100 material offerings.

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