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PolaPair™ is a cryogenic superinsulation subsystem that combines a single reflector layer and separator. Standard configurations come in lengths of 100, 200, and 500 feet, and custom widths of up to 86 inches, which can then be wrapped in layers to create an insulation system. This allows for fabrication of insulation systems that can suit a variety of requirements.

PolaPair™ 2 is similar to PolaPair™, but is constructed with two layers of separator material for each reflector layer.


– basic single layer insulation
– can be wrapped around itself to create an insulation system with multiple layers
– wrapping storage vessels and transfer lines

Item NumberAluminum CoatingCrinkledPerforated
PP001-56One SidedNoNo
PP002-56One SidedYesNo
PP003-56One SidedNoYes
PP004-56One SidedYesYes
PP005-56Both SidesNoNo
PP006-56Both SidesYesNo
PP007-56Both SidesNoYes
PP008-56Both SidesYesYes

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