Cryogenic Cabling

Cryogenic Cable Superinsulation

Cryogenic cable superinsulation is built from a combination of reflective thin films and low thermally conductive fabric spacer material that lessens the heat flux through a boundary with a high change in temperature effectively maintaining the cryogen for long periods of time. Learn more about our cryogenic cabling products and services below:

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Cryogenic Cable Insulation Uses:

Our cryogenic cable insulation is made with proven reflectors and spacers, making them perfect for any cryogenic system or project. Our HTS cable superinsulation can be utilized for cryogenic cabling closeouts, cryogenic pipe insulation, and much more. Contact AFM or download our fact sheet to learn more!

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Cryogenic Cabling Services & Products from Aerospace Fabrication

Aerospace Fabrication provides custom pipe wraps for various cryogenic cables including High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) cables and pipes for various cryostats and large tank systems.

Due to the nature of these systems, many of our cryogenic cables are wrapped by hand, layer by layer; we use precise methods and procedures to achieve the best thermal performance possible over right corners and pipe transitions. Consult with one of our engineers to formulate an approach.

Long HTS cables are designed to be mechanically wrapped to ensure repeatable performance over long runs. We offer a variety of insulation solutions that fit with your production process.

Get Started with Our Cryogenic Superinsulation Cabling Products & Services

Each of our cable superinsulation systems is designed for our clients’ needs and custom tailored for stellar performance. That means, when you work with Aerospace Fabrication, you can be confident that the services and products you receive will be exactly what you’re looking for. Contact AFM Customer Service to discuss your cable wrapping needs!

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